04 April 2014

Childhood drama for the win!

With exasperation in her voice my mother would admonish me with the phrase, "Don't be such a Sarah Bernhardt!" 
It took some time for my young mind to figure out who this Sarah was and what my mother was really trying to tell me. As you may be as ignorant as my 9-10 year old version of me, Sarah Bernhardt was an actress in the late 1800's - early 1900's, who was known for being very melodramatic. Translated, my mom was telling me to not be a drama queen. What I heard was, 'You're too much to handle!' But I digress... that's another story.

As an aside, while living in the Czech I found a postcard of a painting by the famous Czech artist, Mucha, of a theater poster showcasing Sarah Bernhardt. I have it somewhere around my home. 

This afternoon at work we had a super Jeopardy game combing both teams for three weeks of questions. Nine of us were competing to get our hands up the quickest with the right answer. The questions were quirky and we all were struggling, blank faces staring each other down. 

But then this question came up at the end of round two:

Can you guess what the answer is??
That's right!

Yes!! Childhood drama (and trauma) for the win! Booyah!

Needless to say my co-workers were shocked and awed as I triumphantly said, "Who is Sarah Bernhardt!" To be honest, I was not sure that was the right answer, just the right era and took a guess.