07 April 2010

Ode to Lilacs

I love lilacs. Ever since my trip to Ukraine in May 1995 where they were prolific, I have loved lilacs. They don't seem to grow as well here as they do in central-eastern Europe, why is that? As I turned the last corner towards home on my evening walk I came across a lilac bush in bloom! My heart leaped with joy and a giant grin spread across my face! I cupped my hands around head after head, shoving my face into them, inhaling deeply. What a glorious, yummy scent. I was reluctant to leave the corner. Deciding to play by Czech rules, that anything growing into public areas is fair play, I broke off a branch that clearly went past the fence and was protruding into the sidewalk area, and quickly hurried past the house towards home delighted with my contraband flowers.

05 April 2010

It's a what?!?

I just don't know what to say about this. Notice the strips of garbage bags creating a "mane" on top of the car. What you can't see well are the various zebra stuffed animals along the back deck, the zebra seat covers - both front and back, the zebra disco ball, air freshener, seat belt cover, and best of all - the head of a zebra stuffed animal attached to the front grill. This guy (yes, a guy was driving this thing) really, really likes zebras!