07 November 2014

Friday Funny November 7, 2014

Halloween has come and gone and I am quite proud of the Content Publishing team for the great participation in the Goth costume theme. It sure brought back some of the fun we used to have in the old building around Halloween. I still have one of Harry’s spiders; admittedly, it is hard to find amongst all the toys. (#ifyouknowyouknow)  
Here is one of my favorites with my co-worker, Kristi.

We gained an hour last week, but I have been dragging all week. That may have more to do with the crazy week and not getting to bed on time, but I am blaming the fact that it is barely daybreak when I drive into work and it is dark when I leave. The season of darkness has descended upon us. Daylight Saving is non-sense, but this move trailer is senseless fun.

I have been trying to cut coffee out (again), but this week I didn't have the strength to resist the scrumptious bitter energy boost.