09 January 2008

I'm such a goof-ball!

Monday night I made a red Thai chicken curry dish for my lunches this week. As I was putting it away I sampled a spoonful of the sauce and was surprised by the heat, I didn't think I had put that much curry paste in but it was spicy! I took a bowl of it to work for lunch yesterday because I had no alternatives but was very leery of trying this concoction I had made. I didn't heat it up in hopes that eating it cool would minimize the heat of the spice. I don't know if it really helped because my nose started running and my mouth and lips were burning. I was reading the magazine that was in front of Michele (upside down so it took more concentration) when I realized she was staring at me with a goofy questioning grin. I answered her questioning look with my own, to which she asked, "Does that help cool it off?" It took me a moment before I understood - I had absent mindedly been blowing on the mouthful of curry chicken speared on my fork waiting for it to "cool" before I took the next bite. We busted laughing at the silliness. My mouth was burning so I was blowing on my food to cool it down, makes sense unless the heat is only from spices. Good-grief!

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