02 December 2011

Tiredness is a Master Thief


Tired. Weary. Exhausted.
Bone-crushing, mind-numbing, joy-stealing, anxiety-growing - tired.

And so I caffeinate. Sacrifice much needed sleep in order to keep my crazy schedule. Substitute coffee for water, for Living Water, so that one more thing can be done, one more commitment kept, one more, one more.

But what have I done this week for the One. The One who is my only audience. The One who this Advent season is preparing for, and is my tired hectic self preparing for him? I'm too tired.

Yet, there is grace and comfort. While my anxious heart constricts so hard I hunch my shoulders over to ease the tension, Christ is there asking for me to trust him with my burdens.


If I am too tired for the One and Only, then something is really out of whack. Father, show me how to find rest & rest in You.


nics cahill said...

He will show you, be still, and know that every breath you take is his name, and in that name YHWH you will find true rest.

BARBIE said...

visiting from the 5 Minute Friday. We almost had the same opening line in our posts. I drink way too much caffeine and because I am 45, it really doesn't work all that much on me. I never want to be too tired for the One and Only!