29 June 2012

Five-Minute Friday: {Dance}

I remember going to the Lakewood Center for the Arts at the tender age of 8, maybe it was 7, for ballet classes. It was a love/hate relationship. I wanted to feel pretty. I wanted to have ballet slippers - the kind with the pink satin ribbon that would wrap around your ankle and up your calf, criss-crossing until tied off in a quick knot. But I distinctly remember not liking the teacher. Or the fact that every other week someone new joined the class and we seemed to start all over again. I was already keenly aware that I was big. Too big. And not graceful. I was already self-conscious and wanting to hide. My mother had made a deal with me that if I stayed in the class for a month (or was it three?), then she would open a savings account in my name and put $10 dollars in it for me. That seemed like a fortune and I patiently served my time in ballet class and the moment my sentence was up, I quit the class.
The ironic thing is, thirty-ish years later, I've gone back to dance and ballet class. I'm still not graceful. I'm still aware that I am 'bigger.' But it doesn't bother so much anymore. Instead I love the way it feels to move my body in the rhythmic flow and the way I can express myself without words, interpreting music with movement. In dance I have found another language - a heart language that I wish I had found years earlier. Like maybe thirty years earlier.

(A writing exercise from Lisa-Jo Baker, Five-Minute Friday)


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how the things we hate to do as kids turn out to be something we long to pursue again as an adult? Mine is piano and naps. Haha! Glad you linked up at Lisa-Jo's place so I could stop by and read this. :) Have a good day!

Sondie said...

wonder why it takes us so long to learn to enjoy the dance without worrying about the other stuff? It's wonderful to just enjoy interpreting music with movement and to know the heart language...good message for all of us women who struggle with this.

Sara H said...

Well, you're braver than me. It always looks like so much fun, though. :)