08 February 2007

DC? Seattle? Azusa? Home?

As I've broadened my neverending job search outside of Portland I've found some very interesting jobs. Ones that I would actually really like, enjoy, and find satisfying. But am I willing to move away from home? During a phone interview the other day I was struck with how I've never really lived away from home. I live five 1/2 miles from my parents now and just 7 miles from the home I grew up in. I feel so boring. Part of me wants to take one of the jobs out of state just to do something drastic, to shake it up. Another part of me likes being close to what I know, my parents and family and my friends. Am I willing to give that up? I think it comes down to what I value more: proximity to family and friends or a job that is satisfying. I met Paige for coffee this morning and she was telling me how much she enjoyed living in the DC area for eight years and it makes it sound appealing. It could be a great adventure for a couple years. But do I want to do something for just a couple years and be unsettled? If the question were whether I'd be willing to move to Bend, it wouldn't even be a question, I'd would totally move there.

Argh! Why do I have to make everything so complicated? If I'm not willing to move and value proximity to family and friends over job role, then I need to restructure my job search and be willing to consider 'lesser' jobs and withdraw my name from the handful of jobs that I have already applied for. Anybody have any wisdom?

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