13 February 2007


"I know things shouldn't matter, well you get used to them, don't you?" -Bobbi in the movie "The Railway Children"

When I heard this line, I thought, "How perfectly stated!" As I've been going back and forth in my head about the possibility of moving I keep thinking how I have too much stuff. The idea of packing it all up is totally overwhelming. People do it every day but I have only really moved once and I dread the idea of moving. I wonder how I have accumulated so much stuff in such a short time frame. And I almost resent the stuff because it ties me down. I found myself the other day looking around my living room wondering what I could get rid of so that I could start to pare down my belongings to make it easier to move and give myself more freedom. Lovely things don't matter, you can't take them with you. What matters is people's souls. I know that my home was a gift from God, but how can I justify not meeting the needs of people, of not answering God's call because I wanted to enjoy my stuff and be comfortable? It's a conundrum that I need to work out. Like Bobbi said- things shouldn't matter but you get used to them.

By the way, the movie is based on a juvenile novel by Edith Nesbit. There are a couple movie versions, I've watched two from Netflix, I've loved both of them, it's an excellent story.

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