08 June 2007


This is taken from the Slice of Infinity newsletter from RZIM for June 8th titled "That I May See." I found it rather thought provoking. Hope you do to. I'd love to hear your thoughts that are provoked!
But that doesn't make it less real. Blindness is as natural to humankind as the desire to understand. We are blind to our own faults, blind to truths we don't want to hear. It is the cure to this blindness that is important. Eugene Peterson writes, "There is widespread interest in living beyond the roles and functions handed to us by our culture. But much of it ends up as a spirituality that is shaped by terms handed out by the same culture."(1) What do you do to see authentically? What do you do to protect yourself from walking blindly down paths shaped by dangerous ideas, down roads paved with misleading promises?
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