06 August 2007

Bizarre & Strange

I've been reading through the old testament using the Message for a change of pace. It has been good. The OT has been more understandable in the Message but with more comprehension comes a realization of just how bizarre and strange the commands of God are to the Israelites. What really throws me for a loop is the rituals surrounding the sacrifices and in particular that the blood is supposed to be splashed on the alter and with the thumb smeared on the horns of the alter. Why? That would make the alter a stained, sticky, smelly mess! Strange! Then during the ordination of the priests Moses is directed to smudge the blood from the sacrifice on the right ear lobe, right thumb, and right big toe of Aaron and his sons. Bizarre! I really just don't get it. In comparison to all the wacky-doodle stuff the surrounding nations would do I guess the blood isn't that strange but to us - wacko!

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