26 August 2007


I have done it! I have accomplished something of monumental proportions this weekend. What may you ask? drumroll please.... I finished reading the autobiography of Madame Guyon. It has taken me years. Agonizing long years to get through this book. I pick it up and read a couple chapters in between other books when I can make myself do so but it hasn't been pretty. A book shouldn't be so hard to read. I blame it on the fact it was written in the late 16oo's-early 1700's in French. The true meaning and eloquence with which it must have first been written has to have lost something in the past four hundred years and the (poor) translation into English for it to be such a drudgery to read. I stuck with it. I finished it. I may have even learned from it - you never know! I would recommend reading about her, she had an amazing life and spiritual perspective - just not this autobiography, unless you are a glutton for punishment and trying to anesthetize yourself.

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