18 October 2007

Pet Peeves

Here are two of my top pet peeves that are ticking me off today.

1) Gigantic suburbans and other massive SUV's that park in spots labeled "compact." Seriously! They already hog all the gas and make the prices go up, hog the road and pollute the air, but do they have to be so arrogant as to claim the tiny parking spots meant for cars like my little Civic. The worst place for this is at my gym, Club Sport, where the parking spots are already small and the affluent of LO who tend to populate the gym all seem to drive overly large vehicles. Big SUVs have big doors that are usually being opened by children. Last night I had trouble finding a parking spot because the stupid SUVs had taken the compacts spots and elsewhere they take up two spots not leaving a space big enough for my little car. Argh!

2) Sweaty, stinky, hairy middle-aged men. Again, this is a gym related pet-peeve. I could hardly work out last night because of the lack of oxygen. I was trying not to breathe so I wouldn't smell the dude next to me. I actually moved machines because he was so very stinky.

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