14 November 2007

I see the light(s)!

I saw lights yesterday! As I turned on to my street,heading home there on the corner the house was adorned with alternating red and green Christmas lights along the eaves of the house! I was so excited! CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! With the weather today being all blustery cool and stormy along with there being snow coming down in Brno I'm beginning to feel like winter is here and Christmas is around the corner. I've loaded my Ipod with all Christmas music - I'm ready to go! But the big day will come and go before I know it. I haven't started to do Christmas shopping, I don't even have any good ideas yet. I don't have my requisite Christmas letter started. I don't have my St. Nick party on the calendar yet - I may not even do it this year. I want to enjoy the season, be able to reflect on the marvelous event Christmas celebrates, and frankly - everything else just stresses me out and kills the joy. To try and counteract this I'm seeing how I can incorporate Advent Conspiracy philosophy into my life this season. Let's all take a collective deep breathe, slowly let it out, put aside Western consumerism and take Christmas back!

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