11 June 2008

So long Israel, I'll be back...

The Israel Tally
Scrapes and bruises: beyond count
Bandages used: gobs and gobs
Pitas consumed: more than I care to remember
Earrings lost: 1 pearl earring at a youth hostel in the Negev
Sunglasses lost: one pair which is now sitting at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee
New friends: 32 fantastic people
Places visited: dozens upon dozens upon dozens, or so it seems
Pictures taken: around 1,300
Regrets: oddly enough that I didn’t take more photos

Hello All!
I’ve returned from my Israel sojourn in love with a new part of the world. We spent about 15 days on the move exploring Jerusalem, Galilee, Foothills, Wilderness, and the Negev. Each day’s itinerary was packed and we zipped through it at break-neck speed. Carl Laney was a superb teacher making clear the Biblical significance for each place we stopped and helping us to see past the pile of rocks to the vibrant place it used to be. It was more than I could take in at the time but now that I’m home and processing pictures, talking about experiences with people, and reading my Bible it is beginning to sink in what an incredible experience it was to spend the month of May in Israel. I feel very blessed to have been able to take advantage of this opportunity and for the amazing people I spent the time with, especially my three roommates, they definitely made the time richer (and more hilarious). All this fun and I managed to get an “A” in the class as well.

I’m working on selecting the best pictures and putting them together in an online album. I’ll send the link along once I’m done. I won’t subject you to viewing all 1300 pictures I took over the last three weeks unless you ask, at which point I will gladly share them all – the good, the bad, and the plain ol’ ridiculous.

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