27 May 2008

Back from Galilee

We spent four days and three nights in the Galilee area at Ein Gev and we are all sad to be back in Jerusalem. The accommodations were so nice at Ein Gev and the food was great but the best part was being able to swim in the lake of Galilee (yes, it has been down graded from a sea to a lake - it can sympathize with Pluto) but Israelis call it The Kinneret. We only have a few more days left and two more tests. I'm very sad to be leaving and seeing the time come to a close. I've loved the group of people I've been traveling with and I've learned more than my brain can handle. But there is so much more that I want to see and experience and learn. I've decided that this is just the first visit, I'll be back! Enjoy a few pictures from Galilee! The red head on the boat with me cruising the lake is Kate, one of my roommates - she is one wacky wonderful gal!

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