18 January 2010

Just call me 'Baby-face' Streger

Due to deadlines and major projects we didn't have our company holiday party until this past Thursday. For the last hour and a half of the work day we socialized at "Margaritaville." While it was amusing to watch my one co-worker who I'm pretty sure has a little crush on me follow me around the room but never quite have the guts to come talk to me, that wasn't the funniest event of the afternoon.

Earlier in the week I had been talking with Adam and it came up that I had been in Bodega Bay last spring. We had been talking about Hitchcock's "The Birds." (Hate that movie!)
Here's how our conversation roughly went-
Adam: Hey, I've been wanting to ask you, what took you to Bodega?

Jenn: I was visiting one of my very dear friends in Santa Rosa and we decided to go to the beach one day. She pointed out the church and I made her pull over so I could take pictures of the church.

Adam: Is your friend from there?

Jenn: Yeah, she grew up in the area.

Adam: I wonder if I'd know her. Probably not, you're in a different age group, a bit younger, I probably wouldn't know her. (mostly talking to himself)

Jenn: I think we're pretty close in age. She's a year older than me, but I think we're all around the same age.

Adam: I don't think so, do you mind me asking? How old are you?

Jenn: I'm 36.

Adam: (Taking a big step back, putting his hand over his mouth, eyes as big as saucers) Nooo! Really!?!? You don't look it at all! Really!?

Jenn: (Laughing very hard) Yup. I know. Now, how old are you?

Adam: 34...

It was hilarious. People are always surprised, but Adam's reaction was one of the more dramatic I've ever had. I don't look my age, that's for sure. Usually I'm told that I'm very lucky. And I agree. Although it's a blessing and a curse. Unlike most of my friends, I don't have to dye my hair to cover the gray. That's a definite plus. In the work environment I don't get credit for having the work experience or education that I do; I don't look old enough. That's a curse. It's a blessing, and a curse. And oh, so fun to watch people's reactions when they learn the truth. But sometimes I wonder if they're more shocked by how immature I am for my age. I am a kid at heart determined never to really grow up.

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