29 March 2010

6 Month Anniversary

Ka-POW!! I did a 5k in 48 minutes with change. Now that is the way to celebrate my sixth month anniversary post-surgery. I'm still not at 100%, but I've been told I need to be patient, it will probably be about a year before I get there. I'm not sure I am that patient, but it's not like I really have a choice.

Thursday, April 1st, marked my last physical therapy appointment. It was sad, I even got a little choked up saying good-bye. Although it was quite fitting that my last workout and time to harass and tease Damon and Jarret was on April Fool's Day. The whole crew at North Lake Physical Therapy are fantastic. They have been patient and kind when I cried with every move, could barely walk at a 1.5 mph pace while wearing a huge back brace. Once I started feeling better (and got off the drugs), I started getting a bit sassy, no longer burst into tears and P.T. become fun. Damon has been really good at challenging and pushing me. He started me on a great program, Core Performance. But now it is up to me to keep moving forward and getting buff. *sniff*sniff*

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