14 March 2010

Conversation with Damon

I laughed at myself the other day talking with my physical therapist, Damon.

Damon: "So how is the knee doing?"
Jenn: "Actually, really good. Except the left one, it's pretty sore, but that's because I fell on the sidewalk and landed on it Tuesday evening."
Damon: "Yeah, that could make it hurt. You shouldn't do that."

a little later

Damon: "That's a nasty bruise on your arm, how did you get that?"
Jenn: "I was talking to someone getting off the elevator as I was getting on and the doors closed on me, got me in the arm."
Damon: "Watch out for those elevators, they're vicious."

and yet later

Damon: "What was that??" (referring to a loud popping noise)
Jenn: "Oh, my shoulder. I feel down my stairs once and landed on it. It's never been the same since. Occasionally it just has to pop."
Damon shares a story about his back that used to pop but hasn't since he has started this new program that he is starting me on.
Damon: "Remind me, how did you injure your back?"
Jenn: "Playing soccer in 9th grade, I ran into a mole or gopher hole and fractured the vertebrae."

When I do balance and flexibility activities I do really well. But apparently in everyday life, I'm a total klutz.

Hopefully the deep purple bruise I accidentally inflicted on myself yesterday, in a very stupid way, will be faded enough by this week's appointment so that I don't have to explain that one as well.

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