08 May 2010

Neighbor & Matchmaker in one!

When I arrived home after my spending spree at the garden center I noticed that there was a white Highlander parked in the drive way of the unit next to me. I had seen the same car there are couple of times this week, most of last weekend, but never any people. Today was different, there was a woman in the garage. I poked my head around the corner and called "Hello!" An older woman in a black and white striped t-shirt with dark curly hair turned towards me and quickly returned my greeting introducing herself, Judy. She immediately asked if I had children, I answered "No, it's just me here." "Oh, you must work awfully hard, I haven't seen you once all week when I was here cleaning. Are you engaged?" Slightly startled I fumbled a negative answer. This delighted Judy, "I have a single son! He's in his early 30's. He'll be coming down for our open house on Memorial day! You'll have to met him." A little later her husband, Gary, came out and as soon as the introductions were over Judy made a point to inform him that I was single, and that they'll have to make sure I meet the son (I didn't catch his name).

Oh, good golly I think I might have to accept Manuel's application for boyfriend! Looks like I'm going to have my hands full with my new neighbor. At least it sounds like the son lives a bit away, he won't be around much.

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