11 March 2011

Justice Conference - Part 3 : : Mike & Danae Yankoski : : Justice in Daily Life

I'll admit, I had some serious feelings of insignificance and inadequacy as I listened to this young couple and all that they have accomplished. They had good things to say and really got me thinking about my choices and how they effect the whole chain.

-Love is to transcend justice. There can't be love if justice is being violated. Can't have love without justice. Love is the fulfilling, completing, of justice.
-The process can be as important as the destination, the means as important as the end.
-Open you eyes! How do we respond? What is the Lord calling you to do?
-Loving our neighbor as our self means desiring/seeking their shalom.
-Characterize the journey with the flavor of the destination. {Jenn's example: If my end goal is to work with street children in Tegucigalpa who are addicted to yellow shoe glue, then my path should not include wearing shoes that use that glue, made in regions where this is a problem.}
-What are you supporting in your daily choices?
-In response to an irate demand, can we respond in love?
-When we have made a mistake, do we defend ourselves or apologize and ask forgiveness?
-How do I love my neighbor, both near and far, in my daily choices?
-What are the consequences of thinking of morality only in an individualistic way?
-We are created in the image of God to participate in the kingdom of God, not carry the weight of the world.
-As believers we are both invited and commanded to participate in the kingdom of God. The invitation is costly and will cost us everything. It is through this participation that we can find the hope of the Gospel, of life in Jesus Christ.

Mike & Danae Yankoski :: Justice in Daily Life from The Justice Conference on Vimeo.

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