08 March 2011

Tuesdays can be Thankful Days Too

I wasn't able to carve out the time to add to my thankful list yesterday, the multitude on Mondays. But you can be thankful on a Tuesday just as well as on Monday, right?

I am thankful...
30) That God's mercy and grace is new every morning, every moment.
31) For a warm welcome back at River West. Whether I was just visiting or staying is yet to be seen.
32) For an encouraging coach and roommate as I make life changes for good health.
33) For the people that make me laugh, because I love to laugh. And work would be dreadful without the characters who keep me entertained.
34) For second chances. Really thankful.
35) I was able to stop and watch a glorious numinous sunset from my desk this evening.

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