24 March 2011

Pushing the Limits

Last week was a hard, hard week both physically and emotionally and I never got around to being thankful, which if I had, maybe last week wouldn't have been quite so hard. This week is just about gone and I've yet to post my Monday thankful post, so before another week passes by here it is.

I am thankful for...
36) friends who are willing to shepherd and encourage me in making new habits. Taking time out of their week to do so.

37) professors who still take an interest in my life even though I haven't been in their classroom for nearly 10 years. And for a professor who is willing to still advise and help me with a quandary.

38) last week, when I was having such a rough time, I had not one but TWO hour long massages. I didn't intentionally plan it that way, and if I had realized both were scheduled in the same week I would have rescheduled one. But the unexpected luxury of 2 - count them one - two massages was fabulous!

39) hearing one of my favorite students from last years Perspective class teach lesson 10 in this years class. Pastor Matt is such a gem!

40) a mother-daughter outing to the Blazer game! We may have missed the entire 3rd quarter trying to steal good seats, but we got to see the more important 4th quarter win (from better seats)!

41) finding the perfect fabric, exactly what I had in mind, to recover my favorite hand-me-down-inherited chair. So often I envision what I want but am unable to find it. The washed out turquoise velvet is going to be stunning!

42) work that allows me to be flexible with my schedule and work from home on occasion so that even though I don't feel great, I don't have to use my precious vacation days that are allotted to Micah.

43) when my heart is aching with longing to be with my Micah boys, a couple of them initiate IMing just to say "Hi!"

44) Miguelito & Axelito who celebrated one year with the Micah Project this week. They have grown so much! Axelito has gained a foot in height! Miguelito has come through deep valleys this year, but he is growing through them.

45) my new shoes! I am a girl who loves her shoes... because it is really hard to find shoes that fit! Last summer I had my eyes on a pair of sandals from Title 9 but they weren't worth the cost, so I waited for them to go on sale. Once on sale, I still couldn't justify the price, so I watched and waited for the price to drop. Once they finally reached a price point I thought was fair my size was sold out. Today I went to a Title 9 "Blow-out" sale held in a concrete room with merchandise piled on folding tables and shoes wildly strewn against two walls. Walking to the end of the shoes to where a sign said "11" I took a cursory glance at the mayhem of shoes tossed about. The offerings weren't much, and they were mostly of two varieties, neither of which interested me. But then I saw them, one lone pair - my sandals!!  And they fit perfectly! And I paid $11 less than my price point. And I can hardly wait for warm weather so I can wear them. I think it was the serendipitous nature of God.

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