22 May 2008

Quick stop back in Jerusalem

We got back last night from a three day trek around southern Israel and the desert and wilderness area.  We got to swim for a little over an hour in the Mediterranean Sea!  Awesome!  I had so much fun!  But the heat really got to me.  I was very disappointed that I wasn't able to swim in the Dead Sea but considering that the Med Sea burned my leg and just the little that splashed up on me while dipping my toes into the Dead Sea it was a good choice not to try.  We took our 2nd exam today and I missed one which makes me so mad because I had the right answer than over-thought the question and changed my answer.  So frustrating!!  We head off tomorrow for a four day trip to the area of Galilee.  I've come down with a nasty chest and head cold.  It was probably inevitable considering the grueling pace we keep, the lack of sleep, and the close quarters with my sick roommate.  I'm tired, very very very tired - but having fun and learning tons!

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