07 May 2008

Triple the goofy goodness!

Yup! That's me, and me, and me! I am one of six "real customer" models for Haggen's newest ad campaign. I was picking up a few groceries one day at Haggen's in Tualatin when the checker who is always there asked me as I was paying for my groceries if I'd want to be in an ad for Haggen's. My response was, "Sure, why not?" She took my name and phone number and that was it. I was having lunch with my mom one day about a month later when I got a phone call to set up my photo shoot. They had to remind what was going on. I spent an hour getting my make-up done and several photos taken. Wish they would have paid more attention to my hair as it looks so flat and thin in the photo they chose. I guess there is more ad material to come, some sort of coupon booklet - look for me in the "natural/ organic" section! I'm not sure I like the idea of using my 15 minutes of fame on Haggen's but it's been fun and the little extra cash and the groceries I was able to buy at their expense for their comparison savings has been very helpful!

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david santos said...

Hello, Niffer!
Excellent post.
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