14 February 2011

Monday's Thankful list - How God loves me!

I am thankful for how God loves me through...
8.) A Momma who still gives me Valentine's Day gifts and treats even though I'm 37 and should have outgrown it long ago (I hope I never outgrow it though.).
9.) The treat being a yummy chocolate raspberry heart shaped cake and sharing it with my delightful roomie.
10.) Pops cleaning out my car while we switched this weekend.
11.) A cousin willing to step into the gap if needed.
12.) My warm, cozy, soft & squishy bed to envelope me in my sleep deprived state.
13.) Texts to my roomie from someone special.
14.) A sparkly pink box with treats and a Veggie Tales valentine tapped to the front left on my doorstep this morning by a friend.
15.) Friendship with and love of my Micah boys!


Annesta said...

Oh, mom's know how to treat their daughters special, huh? How lovely that your mom remembers you on special days!
May you have eyes to see more and more gifts each day!

Loni said...

Precious! I'm sure you treasure the valentine's from your mom - and reminds me to continue with my older children as well. :)

Amy Sullivan said...

Just bounced over from Ann's, and I have one question for you. . .

Tell me where you found that giant wagon! The best profile pic EVER!

Niffer said...

@Amy - Isn't that wagon great!? It is in Spokane, Washington.