22 February 2011

Multitude Monday - Enough

The questions below from Ann Voskamp's post today gave me pause.  In my western consumerism mindset, where I'm planning and budgeting for the next home improvement project, a little jealous of the new car I passed today while mine rattles and talks to me, my eyes linger over a shirt that I tell myself is too expensive in a newly arrived catalog, could I tell myself - "Enough. I have enough. God has provided all that I need." At church last night I was distracted and read ahead in the chapter, Matthew 6. Pastor wasn't speaking from verses 19-34 last night, but that is what ministered to me in the midst of the service. How appropriate of a follow-up is Ann's post today. 'Do not store up for yourselves treasures that rust and rot... Trust in your LORD to provide for your needs today. He takes care of the birds and the flowers of the fields, you who are so much more precious, will surely be taken care of too.' (Jenn's paraphrased version) 

What if we believe we have everything we need?
What if we really believe we have everything we need?
What if thanks in all things actually could be easy — because we believe that God always gives us the thing we exactly need?
What if gratitude was as natural as breathing, because we knew in our bones that the air we breathe is grace? 

Thank you Lord for the ways you have provided for me today, for all the ways I have enough...
16. I have been blessed immeasurably.
17. A momma who laughs at my silliness and jokes; validating my funny bone.
18. For a heart that is still tender, able to be unguarded and love with abandon. My precious boys.
19. A conscience that can be pricked, and will yield to your chisel of grace.
20. A desire for justice that is enough to overcome the fear.
21. Timely words from a friend.
22. Friends that are dear as family, and family I would choose as friends.
23. A home that is warm and cozy, filled with hand-me-down furniture that all works together.
24. Songs from years long gone that come back to remind me of your truth. And the new verse you taught me, "Oh, be careful little heart what you love, for the Father up above is jealous for your love, oh be careful little heart who you love."
25. Delight in small and silly things that brighten a dull day - the sound of my whistling "Father Abraham" in the ladies bathroom at work.

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