22 February 2011


I just have to share this amazing story. My Bible study leader had not been feeling well but she ignored it. Figuring it was just kidney stones she didn't mention it to her husband; he had enough on his plate preparing to lead a missions trip to India. A day or two after he left for regions half way around the world she went to the doctor. No, it wasn't kidney stones. More tests were run. Tests that revealed a large mass. The dreaded word was spoken: cancer. The husband was finally told and was sent home early from the trip. Plans were made and the surgery explained, although scheduled for several weeks out. She came to Bible study last week and with a choked up voice told us the news and asked us to pray for an earlier surgery date of March 6th. But more than that, that God would use her in this circumstance to reach her neighbors. She is just that kind of person, surrendered. Tonight - a week later - all of the women at Bible study let out a whoop and holler when it was announced that she had had surgery today (there had been a cancellation) and the astonishing part - the doctors couldn't find a trace of cancer or a mass or anything abnormal. The mass and the cancer had vanished!! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! God is great!!!


Sandi said...

I'm smiling- this blessed my day - Is anything too difficult for God? With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possilbe."
(Gen. 18:14, Matt. 19:26

Anonymous said...

How awesome is our God!! Thank you for sharing the abundance of Grace shown this woman. We praise God with you!