22 March 2007

LA or bust!

I would like to ask you to be in prayer for the next 8 days. I am co-leading a group of 10 students from George Fox down to LA for their Spring break Serve Trip. There are two student leaders – Evan and Lindsay – both juniors. We are going down to the Dream Center to be involved with the street outreach, night life witness, meal service, etc. The center is literally in-between the bloods and crips and we’ve been giving specific instructions to not wear black or red as these are gang colors. We also cannot go out walking and have to be with a center staff member when doing projects for safety reason. We are leaving Friday evening and driving in a frumpy 15-passenger van and making it to Grants Pass, then making the long haul to LA on Saturday. We’ll be in LA until Saturday morning when we start the return trip home in one long stretch. There are four of us sharing the driving duties but as the other three are just 21 I am nervous about their driving such an unwieldy vehicle, although they did have to pass a quiz about van safety. We had our first team meeting this past Monday. It was the first time some of them had even met. Goes to show you how large GFU has become since I went there and everyone was at least familiar with everyone else – mostly.

Please pray for us and cover us in God’s protection!

Pray for our safety, especially in driving (good weather and alert drivers) and being around the gangs.

Pray for our health and energy, that it would stay strong and high.

Pray for unity and camaraderie.

Pray for open willing hearts as we will all be way outside our comfort zones.

Pray for me for wisdom and discernment in how to lead the students.

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