22 March 2007

My New Toy

Most of you know that I love to cook. I especially love to bake but since learning about my extensive food allergies in December that has taken a back seat. I need to find a good substitute for eggs - any suggestions? With the new year magazines were all about helping us get organized and Real Simple was no exception. They even gave several ways to tame the unruly beast of recipe collections. Being the geeky type that I am I was was immediately drawn to the electronic suggestions. One of their two suggestions (the other was for the more enlightened Mac owners) was for a program called Big Oven. How could you not like a program with that name? I gave it a try and after playing with the trial version for a day I had to buy the whole program, which is reasonably priced, about the same or even less than most of my cookbooks. So I'm giving them a big plug today. There are a couple quirks which I believe will be changed with the new version that is rumored to be coming soon-ish, such as no spell check. But this withstanding it is super easy to use and fun. You can add recipes from any website with a few clicks. Create menu plans for a day to a month at a time with a simple click and drag, and make a shopping list in a snap. For those who, like me, aspire to organization you ought to check it out. Plus, the company is based in Seattle area - gotta support the home boys! If you do sign-up let me know so that we can swap recipes and menus in our own community!

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