05 March 2007


What a marvelous wonderful day! And it is all because I saw sunshine and was able to feel it on my skin. An amazing sign that winter is on the run and spring is trying to break through. After last week when the streetlights never turned off and one had to wonder if the sun did actually come up that day today was beyond beautiful. On my way home from the gym I delighted to see a bunch of yellow daffodils blooming at the elementary school around the corner. I got home and took my lunch outside and sat on my front walkway just so that I could feel the sunshine on my face. Of course I had to wear sunglasses because the peepers are much more accustomed to the dull gray of a Northwest winter. I especially needed the sunglasses after I rolled up my pants. Yikes! How can skin be so pale? The sunlight reflecting off my nearly bluish pale shins was enough to blind me. It was actually warm enough in the sun that I took off my fleece jacket and wasn’t shivering. I couldn’t handle the idea of going back inside so I tackled the yard. With all the rain we’ve had lately I haven’t been able to do any pruning or winter clean-up. But I took care of that today. Working out front was nice. I was in the sun and was mainly pruning the lavender and rosemary which were extra fragrant with the slight heat of the sun. Working in the back was another story all together. The sun had long since passed over and while I was moving it was okay, but cutting back rotting kale was a putrid task. The gag reflexes got a good workout.

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