07 May 2007

Another book

I just finished a book this morning that I want to recommend. It is called "My Father's Notebook: A Novel of Iran" by Kader Abdolah. It is one of those books that is supposed to be fiction but seems so real that you forget. How much is inspired or taken from real events I don't know but the whole story sweeps you up and carries you off on a magic carpet to Persia as it struggles through successively oppressive regime changes. For those with an interest in Iran and that part of the world the book provides interesting insights to the culture and struggles of the people.

Favorite Quote:
"Loss is an experience that eventually leads to a new road, to a new opportunity to think of things in a different way. Losing is not the end of everything, but merely the end of a particular way of thinking. If you fall in one place, get up again in another. That's a cardinal rule of life."
-By Mohammad Mokhtari as printed in the second to last chapter.

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