23 May 2007

Rosie ain't no posie

Why are we supposed to care about Rosie O’Donnell? Seriously! Each time I open Firefox (ack! You wouldn’t think I’d use Explorer do you?) my homepage of Comcast pops up. I read the news headlines and check the weather for my saved locations of Tualatin, Brno, and Baghdad before surfing to my intended website. I regret to say that this really is one of my main sources of news, reading the blip headlines, and almost without fail there is one about Rosie O’Donnell and the latest ruckus she is causing. I really don’t understand why we are supposed to care what she has to say or why we are supposed to be interested in everything she espouses. She provides no end of fodder for the media to pick up on. She is a loud mouthed, inflammatory, liberal, provocative prima donna. Who cares? She yaps about tolerance, but really just wants tolerance for her viewpoint and shows no tolerance for any opinions that counters her own. Why is she deemed worthy of so much press? I would much rather see the space and time of the writers go towards something newsworthy. Maybe the genocide going on in Africa? Maybe the degradation of women and children in SE Asia? Maybe the tragedy of the orphanage and foster care system in former Iron Curtain countries that is leading to a homeless epidemic among youth and young adults? Of if they are bent on pointing the lime light on a celebrity with something to say direct the light to Bono. If nothing else he is speaking out for a cause other than himself and doing a lot of good. Does my ranting about Rosie’s ranting somehow negate my point?

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