16 May 2007

Vision from golf clubs

A couple weeks ago I decided to clean up my garage. I needed to find a plug for a thingy - Day Lab Junior - I want to sell on eBay but instead of just looking for the plug I chose to reorganize my storage as I looked and sweep the floor and generally clean up. It was a nice sunny day so it didn't bother me to be out there; I had my tunes and was dancing around and daydreaming while I wielded the broom. I became a little overwhelmed with all the stuff in my garage. Somehow my reorganizing took up more space than before. I don't understand that phenomenon. I also took some pictures of the golf bags and club I'm hoping to sell as well. The thought occurred to me: "Maybe I should just sell everything!" I realized it would be a relief in many ways to be able to sell everything I have, so liberating and freeing. I could actually make the day dream I was enacting in my head of living in Europe a reality. But then I started to think about all my books and I didn't like the idea of parting with them. I realized that with a vision of something greater I could lay aside my attachments to my home, art, inherited silver and crystal, maybe even my books; but that vision needs to be there first and it needs to be divinely given. Then I read the Slice of Infinity newsletter from RZIM: At Home in Mud and Darkness I do not want to be like the rich young ruler, so I am praying for vision. I know I am in some weird holding pattern limbo land, that something new is on the way, but I am praying for a God given vision for the next part of my life. Amazing the philosphy and insight you can get from some old golf clubs.

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Kelly said...

My Dear Jenn,
How fun to find your blog tonight... I didn't know you had a personal one. I love your posts! I can relate to many of them as they relate to everyday life. Thanks for your thoughts - many of your ideas are very devotional in nature, and I enjoy the encouragement. I almost feel like I spent the evening with you. I hope you are doing well, and I'm looking forward to more posts.