15 May 2007


Yup, there are plenty of things I should be doing. I have an application for a teaching position that I have given myself a deadline of submitting tomorrow that is on the desk in front of me that should be given my full attention. It isn't. Why? Because I do not want to write a "Christian philosophy of education." I have random thoughts and ideas but I can't muster the mental energy to turn them into complete coherent sentences. Instead I have just wasted a couple hours on You Tube. The greatest find is in the previous post. Another one of my finds is a guy with the user name "mattpaleboy" who you can also find at campjinx.com. While some of his podcasts can be rather crass (Santa Claus) some are stinking hilarious like the one about his wife's phobia of cats or the world series of Uno game. It is a family thing, his two sisters, brother-in-law, and brother get in on the action as well and don't forget dad - he has a couple podcasts too. So if you have a need to waste time, if you are an out of practice procrastinator take a cue from me, a world expert procrastinator and check out the Leonard family.

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