01 May 2007

A major Good Grief! moment

Well, this morning I did it. I realized one of my fears. Living along I have this fear that I will have an accident and need help but no one will be there to help me. This is part of the reason I usually carry my cell-phone with me around the house. This morning I was going downstairs to fix my morning cup o' java when somehow my foot got tangled in my pajama bottoms and I tripped. I grabbed the banister but I couldn't regain my balance. I tumbled down the last third of my steps coming to a crash landing on my wood floor with my head. The thud my head made echoed and sounded horrible. I laid there in my entry-way a little dazed and angry, taking stock of my body. No bleeding, no black out - I could see the dirt on the floor perfectly well, just a burning sensation along my right leg. I finally sat up and looked at my leg. I must have hit the corner of a couple stairs pretty hard since I have a couple good raw rug burns on my knee and shin. I can't quite figure how it happened. The pajamas I was wearing this morning are rather short as if I'm expecting a flood, so how my foot or rather my toes got stuck inside the hem is beyond me. I was wearing my 'house shoes' some old Birkenstock sandals, which probably didn't help. If I were wearing socks they may have slipped back out of my pant leg. Anyhow, I got up and made my coffee still angry with myself and slowly the fear crept in, "what if I have a concussion?" Good grief! I probably do have a slight concussion, I hit the ground with my head hard after falling six steps and I have a raging headache to prove it. I'm more upset about the fact that my chiropractor finally had gotten a couple kinks in my back worked out yesterday and I was feeling really good, but I undid some of that work. Back to the doctor. What a way to start a new month!

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